Volkswagen to Expand R Lineup With More Models, More Power

Volkswagen to Expand R Lineup With More Models, More Power

Volkswagen’s R line of performance models looks to continue to grow and we’re not just talking about the new Golf R Cabriolet concept that debuted at the annual Worthersee GTI meet this past week.

According to sources inside the German automaker look for more models, with future versions gaining even more power. Likely to arrive first is a Polo R with an up-rated version of the 1.4 twincharger used in the Polo GTI to pump out over 200-hp. (Don’t count on that ever making it to North America though). Then, expect to see a Touareg R with a TDI V8 and excessive amounts of torque. No decision has been made on a Passat R, nor is there any discussion of a Jetta R. Previous reports have also indicated a Beetle R is in the production pipeline.

As enticing as the Passat R sounds, the real issue is finding an appropriate powerplant. Engineers are reportedly toying with turbocharging the VR6 plant, but with that engine nearly having completed its life cycle, a production VR6 turbo is unlikely. The 2.5-liter turbocharged 5-cylinder used in cars like the Audi TT-RS and RS3 is also out of the question, with that mill being kept for Audi brand vehicles.

That being said, we won’t see turbo 5-cylinder engines in the next-gen Golf R or Scirocco R either, instead VW will continue to up the output on the current 2.0 TFSI engine, with numbers as high as 300-hp being tossed around for the MK VII Golf R.

[Source: Car & Driver]

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