VW Young Guns Build Custom GTI “Reifnitz” with 370-HP

VW Young Guns Build Custom GTI “Reifnitz” with 370-HP

It’s always a treat to see an automaker roll out a modified version of one of their models. At Wörthersee this year, Volkswagen allowed their younger generation of employees to modify a Golf GTI for everyone to admire at the show. The Golf GTI Reifnitz, as it was named, in homage to where the event takes place, sports 370-hp, an impressive increase from the factory’s 210-hp figure.

Aiding in the performance increase is the addition of ARP’s Stage III turbo kit and intercooler. Complementing the turbo and cooling upgrade is an exhaust system from RSC. To give it some show to go along with the go, Volkswagen outfitted the GTI with a widebody kit and vented hood, which gives the Golf GTI an even more aggressive profile.  The paint scheme is pretty unique too, sporting a red, white and prominent blue theme.

Inside, Volkswagen gave the GTI Reifnitz a race-inspired theme, gutting the interior and tightening up the chassis with a roll cage. For seats, Alcantara-clad racing buckets were tossed in.

GALLERY: Volkswagen Golf GTI Reifnitz

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