What Automaker Offers the Most Made-in-America Models?

What Automaker Offers the Most Made-in-America Models?

A recent list highlighting the most American Made-in-America cars list both the first and spots as belonging to Japanese automakers. (See here for why). But when it comes to what automakers offer the most vehicles manufactured or assembled right here in the U.S. of A., it’s the domestics that come out on top.

Topping the list it’s a tie between Chevrolet and Ford, which each produce 12 models here. Second place does, however, belong to Toyota with nine. Third place is also a tie between Honda and GM truck-brand GMC each with eight. (And yes, we’re also struggling to think of eight different GMC models).

As for that other domestic automaker, Fiat-owned Chrysler, it builds just one vehicle, the 200, in America. (The bailout critics won’t like to hear that).

Looking at the bigger picture, Chrysler is redeemed somewhat, with 12 models accounted for when you include both the Dodge and Jeep brands. Ford and Lincoln combined bring FoMoCo’s total to 14, while General Motors dominates the list with a total of 27 made-in-America cars and trucks.

[Source: ConsumerReports]