1968 4L Renault Turned into Funky Armchair

1968 4L Renault Turned into Funky Armchair

Does your living room need a little va-va-va vroom? Rev up your interior decor with this cool retro armchair that was once a 1968 4L Renault.

One of the most unique ways to reuse and recycle, this funky armchair features a full front grill at the base, along with two doors and handles at its side. Its creator, Cyril Latapy, probably has the most talked about chair in the neighbourhood. Just by looking at it, we don’t know how comfortable it is – it’s all steel and no cushions. We’re guessing it’s more of a showpiece than it is a La-Z-Boy.

Would you put a chair like this in your home? Do you think it’s a work of art or an eye sore? Let us know in the comments section below.


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