2012 BMW 5 Series Gets Standard 4-Cylinder Engine

2012 BMW 5 Series Gets Standard 4-Cylinder Engine

BMW has already announced it would bring back 4-cylinder engines to North America, and the German automaker is doing it in a big way, replacing the standard inline-six with a new turbocharged 4-banger across its lineup. The latest vehicle to receive the “upgrade” is the 5 Series.

Starting for the 2012 model year, the 528i will drop the 3.0-liter six in favor of a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine. Power will increase slightly from 240-hp to 245-hp, while torque gets a more significant increase rising from 230 lb-ft to 258 lb-ft. Plus, all of that torque will come on at just 1,250 rpm. Hopefully that should solve the big sedan’s sluggishness around town – which we complained about in our review.

BMW claims the new car will hit 62 mph in just 6.2 seconds, or 6.3 seconds with the 8-speed automatic.

Fuel economy is also set to increase, although official EPA numbers for the U.S. aren’t yet available.

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  • Floyd Young

    I would not purchase a 5-Series BMW with a four cylinder engine when I can purchase any other less expensive automobile with a four banger engine. The inline six cylinder engine is what draws me to wanting to own BMW vehicles. The excellent handling of BMW vehicles also impresses me. I prefer the BMW 535i sedan because it has more interior room than the 3-series. Save the four banger turbocharged engine for the SUV BMW vehicles. The V8 engines are too much engine for my liking and the inline six engines are the best most practical engines for BMW automobiles.

  • Ian Bouwer

    I currently drive a 2011 528i and have owned a 2010 model as well. I bought the cars because a prefer a straight six normally aspirated engine. I will not be replacing my 528i in the future with a forced fed 4 cylinder engine. Good luck to BMW in trying to sell this car to the loyal straight six followers.