2012 Honda CR-V Revealed with Dramatic New Look

2012 Honda CR-V Revealed with Dramatic New Look

Honda has released a single photo of its upcoming 2012 CR-V compact crossover, and judging from the pic it’s a lot less compact than before.

While the photo is of a concept, in true Honda fashion that means it’s just a slightly embellished version of the production model that will debut later this year. The major style elements will remain, although expect toned-down amounts of chrome and smaller wheels. Of note is the three-bar grille, a design cue borrowed from the Accord CrossTour, but which looks significantly more fitting on this softroader.

Little is expected in the way of powertrain changes, with the 2.4-liter being carried over from the current generation with around 180-hp. A new 6-speed automatic could be part of the package, helping the CR-V achieve a slight improvement in fuel economy.

Also expect to find a version of Honda’s new i-MID system, featuring an in-dash LCD screen and steering wheel controls, which first debuted on the new 2012 Civic.

[Source: Car&Driver]

  • Ray

    This “concept” looks too much like a production model. I really expected to see some bigger wheels on rubber-band-like tires + other concept car features.

  • Dario

    The 3rd gen. will be the last of the Mohicans, I’m glad and I’ll keep it, thank you very much.

  • peter bye

    Ive fancied one of these for some time but have always bought Subaru because Ive always considered them better in snow or offroad. Does anyone have other views ??

  • Frans

    The exterior of the Honda CRV 2012 is not the point to discuss about. It very much looks like the 2007 model. No, the interior -in fact the dashboard- deserves a complete make-over because it is too much Asian style. Hire an Italian top designer and give him a free hand to create a smashing dashboard look with less plastics.