2012 Honda Pilot Facelift Revealed With Promise of Best Fuel Economy in Its Class

2012 Honda Pilot Facelift Revealed With Promise of Best Fuel Economy in Its Class

While not often talked about, Honda‘s Pilot SUV has grown to become a staple of the brand’s U.S. model lineup. With the second-generation model introduced in 2009, it’s about time for an update and so Honda has decided to refresh the truck for the 2012 model year.

Included in the makeover is a new three-bar corporate front grille and a few other mild tweaks that actually do a lot to improve the ‘ute’s look.

Planning to continue on a long tradition of fuel economy, Honda has also replaced the 5-speed automatic transmission with a 6-speed unit, promising that it will rank as the most fuel efficient three-row crossover on the market. Currently the Pilot gets a best of 17/23-mpg for 2WD models or 16/22-mpg for 4WD versions.

In addition to those updates look for a mild workover for the cabin, a new navigation system and some small trim upgrades – including the wheels shown.

  • bnjad

    The Kia Sorento gets 32 MPG and has 3 rows of seating. Is Honda really prepared to make a Pilot that legitimately gets MORE than 32 MPG?

  • Jesus

    I think one can get 32 MPG with the Sorento, but we have to consider this is related to a small engine, the Pilot has a bigger one and gives less mileage but has more climbing power, better towing and also additional passengers’ room. I will go for a Pilot for its resale value, that way I could recover some of my gas expenses.

  • Jlogent

    Is the 2012 Pilot a 5-speed or 6-speed vehicle? I seem to be getting conflicting information here. The online brochure I read says 5-speed, Autoguide says 6-speed. Please which is correct?