2012 Nissan Versa the Cheapest Car in America, Priced from $10,990

2012 Nissan Versa the Cheapest Car in America, Priced from $10,990

Nissan is taking a calculated gamble with its all new 2012 Versa sub-compact. Rather than style it up and pile on the options like every other automaker seems to be doing, the Versa promises solid fuel economy and a spacious cabin, wrapped in a sea of beige stolen from Toyota.

How does Nissan plan to stay on top in the B-class segment when compared to flashy new rivals like the Ford Fiesta? Easy. They’ll price it so low you simply won’t be able to say no. The numbers have just been released, and the new 2012 Versa sedan will start from just $10,990. For those doing a little cross-shopping, that’s over $2,000 less than a base Fiesta sedan. If you’re looking for an automatic transmission (a CVT in Nissan’s case) you’ll have to step up slightly to $12,760.

The good news is, the base Versa isn’t as stripped-down as the previous bargain basement model offered and does include air conditioning, as well as an AM/FM/CD/Aux audio system. All Versa models come equipped with a new 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine that makes 109-hp and 1-7 lb-ft of torque. And thanks to a new dual injector system it gets 30/38-mpg (33-mpg combined) with the CVT transmission, or 27/36 (30-mpg combined) with the 5-speed manual.

The 2012 Versa will hit dealers in August with a new hatchback model also destined for North America and going on sale in July.

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Hit the jump to get the model and price breakdown:

Versa Sedan 1.6 S 5MT $10,990 USD
Versa Sedan 1.6 S CVT $12,760 USD
Versa Sedan 1.6 SV CVT $14,560 USD
Versa Sedan1.8 SL CVT $15,560 USD

    Let’s see it in a 2DR sedan similar to a B13.

  • rahul

    You say that Model/Engine/Transmission
    Versa Sedan 1.6 S CVT $12,760 USD
    and you are saying AC, CD player are part of standard option, when I go to dealer they tell me that is not the truth, and they add it all to 15k, are u lying, or the dealer screwing with me.

  • frank defazio

    where do i find one? i looked at three nissan dealers. none avail

  • Alex

    These Versas are not sold for 10990. I really dont know where i can buy one.

  • Johnny Cousin

    I wanted to purchase a brand new inexpensive vehicle for my daughter and came across your article. I would truly like to purchase this Nissan Versa but those comments deter me. Can you assure me of the accuracy of your article? In turn, can you show me where I can purchase THE VEHICLE YOU ARE DISPLAYING FOR THAT PRICE W/THE OPTIONS LISTED?

  • Johnny Cousin

    I did make a comment, read the one just prior to this!! Where can I purchase one of these versas for the price you display?

  • lisa h

    where is this car in ky priced at $10990? want to purchase one. thanks!

  • Ima Fool

    Hey don’t forget! This is America nothing you see is what you get with car dealers. It’s always ++ (some would call it false advertising) interestingly it’s accepted as a way of life by all, cheers sorry for the winge but just wish it could be kept simple 🙂

  • bob tebeau

    will they be for sale next summer?i believe your article said august/

  • Joshua Kendall

    These cars are ghosts they do not exist. I have been looking for one in Ohio for three weeks and every dealer with in a 200 mile radius say there are none less than 500 miles from them. I am not a happy camper they all tell me they have the next model up for around 2500 dollars more. I love bait and switch it is my favorite sales tactic.

  • fritz

    I am going to my local Nissan dealer with cash in hand and if they will not sell me a base Versa 5 speed for 10880 plus 7xx freight or arrange dealer trade within 3 weeks I am going to the state attorney general and file a bait and switch complaint. I encourage everyone to do the same till Nissan gets the message.

  • Rafa

    the starting price of nissan versa is a lie, if you will buy a versa, will never pay less than $ 16,500. the Nissan advertising, is misleading advertising….

  •  So this means even if I buy the cheapest trim line with no options or CVT I can still expect to pay $16,500 no matter what?

  • Just lil ole me

    I looked at one a couple years ago, new it was like 17,000 or so and I really felt that was high based on just lookiing at it. I left. Tired of dealerships and sales people chasing mre and calling me until I am literally freaked out from the stalking….going to try to find an actual car factory to buy one lol. Who knows?

  • Deandonna77

    Hey RAFA. I bought one for 10,990 plus 770 destination in Ct. Tax,doc, and reg on top of that came to 12680.54

  • Deandonna77

    NO   10,990 + 770+ TAX+REGISTRATION AND FEES

  • The chespest one on ebay is over 18K. My local dealer has them listed for no less than 13K….with most being offered at 16 to 18K. What gives?