2012 Toyota Camry Photos Leaked

2012 Toyota Camry Photos Leaked

Just days ahead of our first drive in the 2012 Toyota Camry and we have the first clear images of the most important new car that Toyota will launch in the next 12 months.

No specs were announced, and these images are supposedly the Australian-market car (which will look slightly different) but it looks about as predictable and Toyota-like as possible. Look for these to appear on dealer and rental car lots sometime in 2012.

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[Source: Vince Burlapp]

  • Ray

    This will be another top seller at Toyota. Loving the luxurious look the 2012 Camry has going on, can’t wait to test drive it.

  • jeffrey

    Looks like the same Camry that has been sold in other parts of the world for the last year or two.

  • Mike

    Sonata, Optima look better more than
    1000%….what’s wrong with Japaness
    car makers……Nissan, Honda…
    I’ve been wating new camry… But..
    So so disappointed…
    No more japaness….
    I will go to kia optima GDI..white….