2012 Toyota Yaris Spied Testing in Canada [Exclusive]

2012 Toyota Yaris Spied Testing in Canada [Exclusive]

Toyota is expected to debut an all-new Yaris later this year with the hopes of climbing back to the top of the sub-compact sales charts. To do that, the Japanese automaker will need to offer plenty, with current rivals delivering style, high-tech options and plenty of interior space at a reasonable price.

We can’t confirm much about the new Yaris, although it is roughly 4-inches longer than the predecessor with half that space coming between the wheels to improve rear seat legroom. Drivers will also notice a big change with the gauge cluster moving from the terrible (and terrible looking) central position, to a more ideal location immediately above the steering wheel.

While we wouldn’t expect to see a new Yaris out testing on the Nurburgring, we were surprise to snap these photos just outside Toronto – a short drive from the company’s Canada headquarters.

GALLERY: 2012 Toyota Yaris Spy Photos

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If little changes from some of the Yaris models we’ve seen unveiled in other countries it should significantly resemble the Euro-spec model. See a pic of that car after the jump: