2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe to Get “More Dramatic” Design

2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe to Get “More Dramatic” Design

When Hyundai first introduced the Genesis Coupe it was almost too good to believe. With the Japanese automakers having given up on the sports car segment, there was nothing beyond an oversized, retro-styled American muscle machine at one end of the spectrum, or a luxury coupe at the other. But the Genesis Coupe offered plenty of style, solid performance and a proper rear-drive layout for just over $20,000.

Since then, however, the G Coupe has become somewhat dated. Sure the bodywork still looks nice, but it’s lacking the wow factor it once had. That will change for the 2013 model year says Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafcik, speaking at a launch event for the Genesis sedan in Detroit. “The Genesis Coupe will get a more dramatic change” he told a group of assembled journalists. “It will get more of an exterior style change than the sedan.”

The look will be a part of Hyundai’s mission to stay on top of automotive design. While Hyundai’s new crop of cars are impressive, it’s the company’s new look that is helping the vehicles get noticed and Krafcik wants to continue to deliver progressive eye-pleasing designs that will be “aspirational… not a step back.”

When prodded, Krafcik would not comment on rumors about powertain updates for the coupe, with the sedan having just received a new 8-speed automatic transmission, a more powerful V6 engine (up 43-hp to 333) and a new R-Spec trim with a 429-hp 5.0-liter V8. The coupe is expected to borrow the sedan’s 333-hp six, while the 210-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter currently in place will be swapped for the version in the Sonata Turbo making 274-hp. All Krafcik would say is, “You’re going to love it.”

The 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe will also get the brand’s new Bluelink telematics system. Look for the official debut to occur at the Detroit Auto Show next January.

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  • Jake Steed

    Give me a 5.0 liter 429HP + V8 and a updated body and suspension and a 30K fully loaded price…and we are talking.

  • Rob

    The current design is very impressive… I look forward to seeing what they put together for 2013…. Hyundai is on a roll.

  • Road Lanes Magazine

    Rumor has it that a V8 doesn’t fit in the GC’s engine bay. A turbo 6-cylinder would be one way to go for a flagship offering. That would surely be worthy competition to the Mustang GT while still maintaining the fuel-efficient edge that you’d expect from a modern Hyundai.

  • jake

    just leased a 2011 genises and I hate to get out of it. As a 65 year old kid I still love fast cars, and this machine is flat out BAD ASS. Great car period.

  • johnny

    The car that will sell is a Genesis Coupe with the new turbo 4 from the Sonata making 275 HP. With the right transmission, axle ratio, and removing of a few pounds, Hyundai should be able to produce a 6 speed manual car that goes from 0-60 in under 6 seconds and gets 30 mpg gallone highway on regular gas for under $25,000.

    When the 2013s come out gas is going to be $4.50 a gallon and people won’t want V8s.

  • ching chong

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.0T getting bigger snail! dammit! Oh well…..BUT R-SPEC GETTING V8!!!! maybe i’ll trade mine in? bhahahhaahaha…….all i have to say is Hyundai has finally nailed it! currently still love my GC2.0T

  • Annie

    I have had a number of “sports cars” over the years. This is my fav next to my Celica GTS. I do wish my gas mileage was a bit better…my turbo gets about 20 mpg. I know, I know…not bad,however if I could get closer to 30 I would be THRILLED!! I really love this car. My lease is up in 2013…can’t wait to see what Hyundai will have for me then!