2014 Ford Edge to Drop V6, Go Turbo 4-Cylinder Only

2014 Ford Edge to Drop V6, Go Turbo 4-Cylinder Only

The Ford Edge received a major overhaul in 2011, getting new sheetmetal, the automaker’s new MyFord Touch telematics system and the addition of an EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine. When Ford replaces the current crossover with an all-new product, look for V6 engine options to disappear altogether.

The 2014 Edge will continue to use the EcoBoost 2.0-liter 4-cylinder that will go on sale later this year. As for the other engine, it is likely to be a larger displacement (2.3 to 2.5-liter) turbocharged 4-cylinder.

Based on the same platform that will underpin the next-generation Fusion, look for that sedan to follow the lead of the Malibu and Sonata in ditching a V6 from its lineup as well.

Switching to just 4-cylinder engines should allow Ford to cut down on weight in the rest of the vehicle, something the Edge has been criticized for in the past.

These changes should arrive in the 2014 model year Ford Edge, at dealers in late 2013.

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  • Talon

    Hopefully they will consider a 3rd row option with 2nd row bucket seats.  That would give them a competive fuel efficient vehicle against the Chevy Traverse.

  • Tester

    The Explorer is the the Traverse competitor.  The Edge goes up against the Equinox.

  • Talont38

    The Explorer with the third row is over 30K and only gets 28mpg when it has the week 4 in it because it’s too heavy. 

  • Pops5x

    The Edge has no GM competitor.  The Escape competes with the Equinox.

  • Fordlover

    Talon – the 3rd row option is called the Explorer – no plans in the future for the Edge to get a “stretch” to 3rd row seating.  The reason….have you ever sat in the 3rd row seat of a traverse?  Worse than sitting on a brick. 3rd row seating in the Explore & Flex is great compared to the competition.

  • what will the horsepower of the new engine?

  • BorrowerNorLender

    Ford is going to force this Eco-Boost rubbish into every model and the Customers are going to head for the exits. They should optimize the V6 and reduce weight. Ford will soon find itself with a high priced/under powered lineup. The competition will happily take the business away and Mullaly will be out the door with a massive separation package in less than 18 months. 

  • Jon Moorhead

    i HAVE HAD 4 NEW V6 EDGES, I will not buy a 4 banger

  • I reckon the Lincoln Motor Company will offer a rumored Ecoboost version of the 2.5/3.0 liter Mondeo V-6 engine in the next generation MKX. Also, expect that engine to replace the larger 3.7 liter engine in the MKZ.

  • Then buy a Lincoln MKX.

  • You can always buy a Lincoln MKX.

  • If you want three rows, get a Mazda CX-9. The CX-9 is an extended version of the Ford Edge, which it shares a platform with.

  • Tgillhome

    Dude – I am the complete opposite of a tree-hugger…. but have you ever driven the new 2013 Ford Escape with 2.0 Turbo?  I have… and you’d never know the difference between it and a V6.  Slightly lighter than the Edge and smaller for sure… but you put a larger turbo 4 in the Edge as the story implies, and you’re golden.  I used to think the same about going from a V8 to a V6 in the day.  Yet, now I’m driving a 2013 Equinox w a 301 horsepower V6.   More ponies than my 71′ 350 V8 Chevy Monte Carlo back in the 70’s….plus, I have attained slightly over 28 mpg with the Equinox verses the 16 mpg with the Monte Carlo.  Be open-minded…… 4 cyl Turbo performance is very robust.

  • edroos

     I am a sixty one year Ford fan and completely agree with you. I may get an Escape for my wife to replace our ‘010 Fusion Hybrid but I won’t buy another Edge with less than a V-6. I want the torque of the 6. I hear just enough about the Ecoboost 4’s to not want them (yet)!

    So I pushed forward my purchase to an ‘013 Edge Limited and like it save the difficulty in reaching the advertised fuel mileage. On a round trip from L.A. to San Diego and back Monday we couldn’t make more than 26.5 mpg even with my soft footed wife driving the return trip!
    Ed R.