Audi To Build A6 Avant Allroad

Audi To Build A6 Avant Allroad

Audi has just released the new A6 Avant and is working on expanding the lineup with the all new Allroad model. The new version will be similar to before with a raised ride height, steel bumper guards and subtle plastic cladding to protect the body over off-road terrain.

Aud’s adaptive air-suspension will come standard on the Allroad, so drivers can adjust the ride height to suit different conditions at the push of a button.  The Allroad will likely come with the 3.0-liter TFSI turbocharged powerplant and the 309-hp diesel engine.

As well as the Allroad, the high performance S6 sedan and wagon will debut this September at the Frankfurt Auto Show, so wagon lovers are in for a treat.

[Source: Auto Express]

  • BluAngel

    Let’s pray that Audi deems this vehicle worthy for North American consumers.
    I am especially endeared to the diesel version with 309 HP and god fearing torque (400+ ft/lbs)