Barn Find Exotica To Be Auctioned In Monterey

Barn Find Exotica To Be Auctioned In Monterey

It’s quite rare to uncover one low, mileage, ‘untouched’ classic in a barn, so how about three of them, especially when they’re Italian exotics.

Well, after literally years of rumors circulating about a forgotten stash of machines located in the Dallas area, it emerged that the collection of cars exists, despite not having seen the light of day in years.

In March 2011, a car collector and restorer located in the Dallas area, came in contact with a broker who sent him a couple of photographs of three Italian exotics, covered in dust inside a storage building. When the collector saw the pictures he couldn’t believe his eyes; the three cars in question were a 1972 Ferrari 365GTB4 with 9,700 miles on the clock; a 1974 Dino 246GT with 2,700 miles and a 1977 Maserati Bora with just 900 miles registered on the odometer.

It turned out the the owner of these cars was a long time friend of race driver and famed US Ferrari importer Luigi Chinetti, and had asked the broker to take bids on the cars, which he was trying to sell.

The Dallas collector, recognizing a perhaps once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, submitted a bid on the three cars which was duly accepted. Now after some more wheeling and dealing, the trio of un-restored classics is up for grabs at Mecum’s Monterey Auction, which takes place from August 18-20 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Spa.

Although Dinos and Boras in particular don’t tend to trade hands for huge sums of money these days, the fact that all three of these cars boast such low mileage and are true ‘barn finds’ could, quite, easily result in some serious money being laid down over the course of the weekend.

Stay tuned to find out what this trio of exotica actually bring when they finally cross the auction block.

[Source: Mecum Auctions]

  • Ray

    I’ll gladly take the 1977 Maserati Bora if I had the money.