“Bentley Bandit” Arrested After Four-State Car Stealing Spree

“Bentley Bandit” Arrested After Four-State Car Stealing Spree

This 22-year old kid thought he could get away with grand theft auto, but little did he learn that crime doesn’t pay!

Apologies to the esteemed Sheriff John Bunnell, but he would have had a field day with Justin William Durbin, who went on a stealing spree with Mercedes and Bentley cars that spanned four states and across the country.

Durbin started his illustrious career by taking a 2003 Mercedes-Benz SL550 on a test drive from an Illinois dealership. When he didn’t return, the manhunt began: Durbin went to Missouri, taking a GLK from a dealership with the same tactic. His most recent caper saw him escaping Florida with a 2007 Bentley and high-tailing it to Louisiana, crashing it and forcing police to embark on a six-hour manhunt.

Rather fittingly, the license plate on the Bentley said, “CALL 911.”

The “Bentley Bandit” is now being held on traffic violations, aggravated flight, possession of a stolen license plate, and held without bond as a fugitive. He is wanted in wanted in six other states on charges including probation violation, grand theft auto, larceny, burglary, fraud, and tying fair maidens to train tracks while twirling a mustache.

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