BMW X5 And X6 Exclusive Editions Announced

BMW X5 And X6 Exclusive Editions Announced

Set to debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show in September are BMW‘s X5 and X6 Exclusive Editions, sporting a unique Orion Silver Metallic paint finish and Nevada leather interior cribbed from the 6-Series. In addition, both the X5 and X6 will receive special wheels and dark bamboo interior trim as accessories.

Unfortunately those are all the details that have been released on the Exclusive Edition X5 and X6 so far, but we’re expecting more news as we get closer to the Frankfurt Auto Show.

GALLERY: BMW X5 and X6 Exclusive Editions

bmw_x5_and_x6_exclusive_editions_1.jpg bmw_x5_and_x6_exclusive_editions_2.jpg bmw_x5_and_x6_exclusive_editions_3.jpg bmw_x5_and_x6_exclusive_editions_4.jpg bmw_x5_and_x6_exclusive_editions_5.jpg

[Source: BMW Blog]