Bowler To Make A Super SUV

Bowler To Make A Super SUV

If you are an avid viewer of Top Gear, you are then probably aware of the Bowler Nemesis. This custom-built off-road vehicle can tackle just about any terrain, and now its maker is hoping to make one for the high streets.

According to Bowler’s managing director Steve Haywood, they are looking to make a “Supercar SUV” based on the Range Rover Sport. Haywood, who was previously a chief engineer over at Range Rover, says his first job at Bowler is to develop the fourth-generation model of the Nemesis. Along with the hard-core Rally-Raid version, a road going version is also in the pipeline. This more luxurious version will be priced around $246,000.

Bowler is currently owned by Coventry Prototype Panels (CPP), a company which also owns Spyker and is also looking to take over the Italian design house Zagato.

Given the companies in CPP’s portfolio, they should have no problem developing a new super SUV and broadening their market. Bowler currently produces 15 to 20 vehicles a year. Haywood believes there is a market for 150 to 200 vehicles per year.

[Source: Autocar]