Camal’s Marcia Corta Gives Fiat’s 500 a Rally Inspired Look

Camal’s Marcia Corta Gives Fiat’s 500 a Rally Inspired Look

Former Pininfarina employees, Alessio Minchella and Alessandro Camorali have decided to team up and form a new company, Camal, in order to offer stylish new products for vehicles at prices affordable to the general population. There was no better way to launch the brand than to target the new Fiat 500 owners, giving the car a throwback look to the great glory days of old rally championships.

Dubbed the Marcia Corta, Italian for shorting gearing, Camal’s Fiat 500 features a bold new front bumper design, sporting rally headlights and a huge grille opening. In addition, Camal looks to outfit the Fiat 500 with new side skirts, rear bumper, spoiler and exhaust.

Based on their website, Camal is currently looking for someone to team up with in order to produce and sell the Marcia Corta kit and are also looking for anyone interested in having a special car or kit designed.

GALLERY: Camal Fiat 500 Marcia Corta

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[Source: Camal via Autoblog]