Chevy Cruze Diesel Coming to America, Targeting 50-MPG

Chevy Cruze Diesel Coming to America, Targeting 50-MPG

Chevrolet will bring a diesel-powered version of the Cruze compact sedan to the U.S. market. The news comes via two sources briefed on GM’s future product plans and is not the first indication of an oil-burner Cruze for America. Back in February GMInsideNews was first to break the story and this latest info only adds to that report’s credibility.

The Cruze diesel is likely to use the same powerplant found under the hood of the Australian version of the Cruze (which is sold under the Holden brand). That car uses a 2.0-liter diesel engine making 147-hp and 235 lb-ft of torque. Chevrolet is reportedly targeting a 50-mpg highway rating in a bid to meet increasingly strict CAFE requirements.

Set to go on sale in late 2012 as a 2013 model year car, look for a starting price several thousand above the current Cruze model, as diesel engines cost more to produce. Chevrolet may look to follow Volkswagen in offering a high-content level for the diesel models in order to offset the added cost of the engine.

If the reports prove true, this would mark the first time since the 1980s that a diesel-powered passenger car was a part of GM’s North American lineup.

[Source: Forbes]

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  • 70AARCuda

    …first they ARE, then they AIN’T, then they ARE again.

    …sounds like an AD-man’s version of “Crying Wolf”!

  • Jeffrey

    “The all new Cruze” a rebadged daewoo from Korea. Been around a few years but it is a good car. It also has been around as a diesel in many areas except the American Market. It would be my first choice as Ford, Toyota, and most others too make Diesel cars that are very popular –
    Better MPG, Faster, More torque,less maintenance, and last 2 or 3 times longer . . . seems like a no brainer to me

  • Carl

    Call it the 2.0DDi (Diesel Direct-Injection)following the trend for letter names for diesels. Then follow by offering more diesels, such as the new Malibu, upcoming Impala (whenever they redesign it) and put the 4.5l diesel V8 truck engine in the Caprice!! CAFE problem solved and Chevy’s fullsize flagship sedan(65-96 Caprice) is back on top.
    I speak for all cars.

  • ty

    make the 2.0l diesel a duramax (DMAX) and it will sell like no other