Chrysler Factory Workers Caught Drinking, Again [Video]

Chrysler Factory Workers Caught Drinking, Again [Video]

Ten months ago, a scandal at a Chrysler plant in Detroit broke when workers were caught drinking during their lunch break before returning to work. Now, at a different plant, the boys are at it again.

At the Trenton Engine Plant also in Detroit, Chrysler workers were filmed driving a mile from work, then drinking and smoking in their cars—on a private lot, maintained by the UAW. Workers at the plant say they’re tired of working next to someone who’s buzzed, because “it’s dangerous,” as one source said.

Naturally, Chrysler is indignant. “Again, we have Chrysler workers in a compromised position, without regard for the impact of their actions, the reputation of their coworkers, the plant, of the company, not to mention their own reputation and that of their families,” said Scott Garberding, the vice president of manufacturing. “The employees that we identify, as soon as we understand who they are, will be suspended indefinitely without pay and anybody else involved will be dealt with swiftly. It’s very frustrating to us, we take it very seriously.”

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[Source: WJBK Fox 2 Detroit]

Chrysler Auto Workers in Trenton Caught Smoking and Drinking During Lunch Breaks: