Darth Vader the Newest Voice of Garmin GPS

Darth Vader the Newest Voice of Garmin GPS
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Turn to the dark side… and then turn right… and you’re at your destination. Darth Vader will guide with step by step instructions to your destination – good or evil – as he’s the newest voice available for Garmin GPS.

Joining the ranks of SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, and Squirrely the Squirrell, Darth Vader is going to tell you exactly where to go, complete with heavy breathing and thinly veiled threats. “Proceed as indicated, don’t make me destroy you” and “Go straight on, the Emperor awaits” are just a few of the commands that will ensure you don’t make a wrong turn.

You can download Vader from the Garmin website for $12.99. The bundle includes TIE fighter vehicle icon to display on your Garmin map screen as you drive on your far, far away commute.

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