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 |  Jul 28 2011, 11:30 AM

High-end luxury cars really do inspire us. Some people take that inspiration and make other luxe products – like chairs. One such person is designer David Clark, whose new collection – the Veloce, Infiniti and Modena – takes its inspiration from a variety of luxury auto brands.

The Veloce takes its inspiration from the Alfa Romeo. Combining wood, faux leather and aluminum, the Veloce boasts detail – in fact, every aspect of this chair was sketched out and transferred to 3D Autocad design platform. It costs $973 for the frame alone, and for the completed Veloce, it will set you back $1,137.

The Modena takes its cues from Bentley’s grandeur and comfort. You can choose from side panels of natural wood or steel with artificial wooden finish. It costs $810 for the frame, and the whole seat is $973.

Porsche is the inspiration for the Infiniti, and it comes with a stainless steel frame that is super lightweight, making it ideal for the office reception or showroom floor areas. It is priced at $647 for the frame alone, and with the seat it costs $810.

[Source: Born Rich]