Dutch Artist Paints Berlin Intersection Using Unsuspecting Commuters [Video]

Dutch Artist Paints Berlin Intersection Using Unsuspecting Commuters [Video]

A simple city intersection in Berlin turns into a painted canvas, thanks to a “guerilla art project” that splashed paint onto the wheels of hundreds of passing cars.

Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh—whose name already sounds like a work of art—gained inspiration from seeing spilled cans of paint trampled by bicycles and footprints on the sidewalk, and possibly this highway accident. “Because I work a lot in a public space it feels that I am painting reality,” he said. “I am not a painter but my work always feels like I am painting reality myself and the world myself.”

He planned the artwork carefully with his buddies from his chess boxing club, which apparently is a real thing—he tested on a bicycle first to make sure the environmentally-friendly, rain-washable paint would look good and not leave the road slippery, which would have been an entirely different guerilla project.

After all their secret tests were completed, the team dumped the paint from bicycles onto the intersection and snuck off to avoid police suspicion. A video camera from a fourth-floor apartment overlooking the intersection captured everything—including the police officers and firefighters who descended upon the intersection, taking samples of paint back to various laboratories.

The art piece took place over a year ago, but Rubingh waited for the statute of limitations to expire, and is now only releasing the footage. His hard work is now your entertainment: click the jump to see this artist’s efforts.

[Source: Toronto Star]

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