Edo Competition BMW M5 Dark Edition Is Darth Vader’s Wagon

Edo Competition BMW M5 Dark Edition Is Darth Vader’s Wagon

If there was ever a reason to want to own a wagon, this might be it. Edo Competition’s BMW M5 Dark Edition features family transportation with 555-hp, from the stock 500-hp and 413 lb-ft of torque up from the stock 384 lb-ft. In addition to the performance upgrades, Edo Competition outfits the M5 wagon with an aero kit, upgraded interior and 20-inch staggered wheels and tires.

For the outside, Edo Competition modified the front and added a new rear skirt which houses a quad-tipped exhaust. Adding a little more sport to the wagon is a rear wing and 20-inch wheels with matched black centers and staggered Dunlop tires.

The added performance comes from a recalibrated ECU, high-flow air filters and catalytic converters in addition to the quad-tipped exhaust system. For the inside, Edo Competition outfits the interior with various pieces of carbon fiber and high quality leather while the speedometer is converted to show a top speed of 360 km/h with white dials and a backlit logo.

No pricing was announced for Edo Competition’s M5 modifications.

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