Rusty Slammington’s Successor is a Pristine 1971 BMW 2800CS

Rusty Slammington’s Successor is a Pristine 1971 BMW 2800CS

Mike Burroughs is one of those BMW fanatics, but not in the sense that you might think. Rather than rocking E46 or E92 M3s, Mike’s all about the classic BMWs, having built the infamous E28 5-Series, dubbed “Rusty Slammington“, that unfortunately became a casualty when Burroughs’ garage burnt down. For some people, that would be heartbreaking enough to get themselves a dull daily driver, but Burroughs decided to go way back to his roots, finding this 1971 BMW 2800CS and making it his.

Thanks to a friend that spotted it on Craigslist, Burroughs headed down to Atlanta with cash in hand to purchase the 40 year old car. On his way to pick it up, the owner of the BMW classic warned him that it hadn’t been driven since 2004 and that it would take some serious work to get her back on the road. But to everyone’s surprise, the car fired right up and Burroughs had zero issues driving her back four hours to his home.

To add his own touch to the classic, Burroughs opted for a set of 18-inch BBS RS wheels that have been fully chromed out. He also purchased a CSL airdam to finish off the aesthetics. The result is a breathtaking BMW that is beyond classy.

GALLERY: Mike Burroughs’ 1971 BMW 2800CS

1971_bmw_2800_cs_1.jpg 1971_bmw_2800_cs_2.jpg 1971_bmw_2800_cs_3.jpg 1971_bmw_2800_cs_4.jpg 1971_bmw_2800_cs_7.jpg rusty_slammington_1.jpg

[Source: Stance Works]