European Union Courts Deny Audi’s Trademark of TDI

European Union Courts Deny Audi’s Trademark of TDI

Turbocharged direct injection, or TDI for short, has become synonymous with Volkswagen and Audi models over the recent decade. So much so that in many countries, TDI is a registered trademark of Volkswagen AG. Unfortunately that won’t be the case in their own home territory, as the European Union courts has denied Audi (and subsequently VW) the rights to claim ownership of the TDI acronym.

The judge in Luxembourg believes that the technology of turbocharged diesels with direct injection is too common among automakers for Audi to claim ownership of TDI. In the grand scheme of things this probably doesn’t affect Volkswagen or Audi, but we’re sure they would have liked to have had the TDI trademark in Europe to ensure its exclusivity to its brand. Regardless, the trademark in individual countries should be more than enough to keep other manufacturers away from trying to use TDI on the trunk lids of their cars.

[Source: AutoBild]


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