Fiat 500 Abarth Set for LA Auto Show Debut

Fiat 500 Abarth Set for LA Auto Show Debut

For any car guy worth his mettle, the one Fiat to look forward to hasn’t been the cabriolet, the electric one, or even the Gucci edition—it’s been the fire-breathing Abarth, the one we thought would only be sequestered in the Italian boot. But we Yanks are indeed getting the Abarth, and we’ll get a glimpse of our version at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

The American Abarth will get a 1.4-liter Multiair engine that will give it more power than its MINI Cooper rival—175 horsepower, to be exact. Fiat made the official announcement via its Twitter account, and just like on the elementary school playground, there’s no takesies-backsies after this.

  • Dom

    If the price is good it will sell by the millions.