Ford And Ken Block To Take World Gymkhana Tour By Storm

Ford And Ken Block To Take World Gymkhana Tour By Storm

After racking up 32.3-million views on his Gymkhana Three Part 2 video alone, Ken Block will be joined by his major sponsor Ford on the World Gymkhana Tour’s inaugural season. The first World Gymkhana Tour will have stops in Austria, Australia and the United States. It will also coincide with the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) and X Games 17, both of which will be huge competition events for Ken Block.

The first stop of the World Gymkhana Tour will take place in Vienna, Austria on July 10th where Ford of Europe plans on a two-day celebration featuring Ken Block with special displays and a Gymkhana festival. They will also be offering up to 43 limited edition Monster Fiestas to consumers as part of the promotion at the event.

When they stop in the United States on July 23rd, the weekend prior to X Games 17, Ford, Block and the Monster World Rally Team will be going for a three-peat at the X Games. Ford will also be unveiling a major national consumer promotion involving their action motorsports program.

At their last stop in Australia on September 2-3rd, Block will be busy visiting Ford’s plants in Victoria where he’ll get an opportunity to drive a V8 Supercar as well as meet professional surfer Tyler Wright.

[Source: GT Channel]