Ford Begins 2011 Contract Negotiations With UAW

Ford Begins 2011 Contract Negotiations With UAW

Ford is opening the floor to 2011’s contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers—which always ends in suspense.

Will the UAW walk away in anger? Will they threaten a strike? Will Ford shut down a couple more plants and idle production for months on end? Or will the ghost of Henry Ford send in the Pinkertons? It’s all up in the air, which makes for breathlessly thrilling news. Hey, automotive journalists have to keep themselves entertained somehow.

“We are reflecting upon our proud 70 year history of working together—a history of working with mutual trust and respect to effectively address difficult business challenges,” said John Fleming, vice president of Ford’s labor relations. “We are committed to negotiating this year with the same transparency and honesty we always have upheld.”

  • Howard Sarver

    Why have us retires from ford not heard any news about any 2011 contract
    improvements proposed from uaw to ford for thier retires???????
    After taking a lot of are benifits away and reducing the rest I would like to know what is now planed by the international union for us retires at ford,g.m. and crysler

  • John Walker

    My experience as an engineer in Unionized plants, is that the Anti-Productive work rules are what have killed companies & forced overseas moves, not the high wages. At the GE Engine plant in Cincinatti, workers sat around looking bored EVERY DAY, as work rule delays prevented any personal initiative in getting the job done. People feel better & work better when they feel productive at their jobs. If the Unions can reform their class warfare bias, they can survive & pay well. If not….game over.