Ford FPV Falcon GT Black Unveiled at Melbourne Auto Show With a Supercharged 5.0

Ford FPV Falcon GT Black Unveiled at Melbourne Auto Show With a Supercharged 5.0

This is why Australians are cool! Not only is the FPV Black Concept a sinister looking sedan, but it’s powered by a supercharged Ford 5.0-liter V8 making 449-hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. Sure our Boss 302 makes similar numbers without a supercharger, but you can be sure the torque levels at low rpm in this mean sedan are unreal. Plus, it also makes for an easily tuneable platform.

Built by the Ford Performance Vehicle division (Australia’s version of SVT), it’s based on the FPV Falcon GT – which already gets that incredible powerplant. What’s new here is the murdered-out look and a few extras.

The list of add-ons is long and gives a look at the sort of accessories and special edition models Ford may offer. Included on the concept is a full black paint job with a matte black stripe package on the hood, rear spoiler, doors and rear diffuser. A set of stunning slit-spoke 5-spoke 19-inch wheels has been outfitted to the sedan, and custom bodywork includes a custom front bumper with new brake duct coolers.

Improving handling is a track-tuned suspension setup, while a stainless steel exhaust lets the big engine howl. And for added stopping power there’s a six-piston front and four-piston rear brake setup.

Inside doesn’t escape the black theme ether with dark leather interior. Even the trim pieces come in black.

Unveiled today at the Melbourne Auto Show in Australia, it’s the first ever FPV concept car and hopefully a sign of things to come. Now if only the Falcon was available in the U.S.

  • poeuir

    FORD have no idea theres sales have fallen 50% in the last 12 months , the only thing so bring them back is to get those Fawkin USA Mustangs on sale over here , tthey’ll never do it and no 2014 is to late , and it’ll out sale anythink holden has , ultimatly they sold them around 10 years ago however they brought them here and then done a conversion costing $$$ big ones , … FPV’s look like shit they look more like a luxury car and not a muscle car i dont want a BMW , ultimatly the 2007 40th was the last real good lookin one , period

  • Dustin Munro

    Ford should make the Falcon and the Mustang as global cars.Here are some examples of letters I emailed Ford about making the Falcon into a global car and improving it too:

    4WD Falcon Sedan,Ute And Territory

    Make an optional 4wd version of the 2011 Falcon sedan and Ute version too-use the 4wd version that is used in the 2011 territory.That would Make the Falcon sedan and Ute good for all weather driving.

    It should be quite simple to use the 4 Wheel drive version of the Territory platform for a 4 wheel drive version of the current Falcon Sedan and Ute version-The territory is built on the Falcon platform and uses a 4wd version of it!
    Cost-Time and cost to design the modification of sedan and ute version to accomodate 4wd option.
    Here is evidence of a market for full size rear drive with optional 4wd sedans.Competition:Buyers of these vehicles are potential Ford customers: Full size BMW’s,Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger,Caddilacs,Mercedes,Jaguar,Porche,Lexus Toyota,Nissan Infiniti,Ferrari,Hyundai Genesis and Equus etc.
    Having the Falcon sedan and ute. version with optional 4wd for all weather driving would also make them great sellers in North America as 2012 models Crown Victoria/Town Car and Ranger Pickup Truck.


    Mustang/Falcon Exchange For 2012

    Retrofit v6 Falcon with Mustang v6 in exchange for I4 as base model Mustang engine.

    It is to my understanding that Ford plans to make the Mustang into a global car.Here is a way to do that and do the same thing with the Australian built Falcon-Exchange them!The exchange would be build a Crown Victoria/Town Car as a left hand drive version of the Falcon and Ranger Pickup truck as a left hand drive “Falconranger”which is how I describe the Falcon Ute possibly at the St.Thomas plant that is slated to close and/or at the factory that makes the 2011 Ranger Pickup truck.
    Build right hand drive version of Mustang at some Australian factory.Give Falcon Duratech v6 engine from Mustang in exchange for soon to come Ecoboost I4 for improved Power and Fuel economy.
    Cost-cost of retooling St.Thomas and/or Ranger factory in North America and retooling,building or expanding a factory in Australia.would eliminate cost of left/right hand drive conversion and cost of intercontinental delivery.


    Mustang/Falcon V6 Exchange For 2012

    Use the Liquid Petroleum Injection I6 engine from the Falcon in the Mustang in exchange for the Duratech v6 as the gasoline version to replace the cast iron gasoline version of the current I6 in the Falcon.

    Mustang gets the optional 265 hp 302 lbft (409 nm) torque liquid petroleum injection engine while the Falcon gets the duratech v6 as the gasoline version.
    The v6 Falcon gets improved fuel economy,power,and improved weight distribution,and reduced production cost by junking the cast iron gasoline engine.
    The LPG version of the Mustang while having slightly more frontal mass,would benifit by having the same refueling cost ‘per litre/gallon’ as the Lpg powered Falcon making both cars great for global production.Falcons and Mustangs with the optional LPG engine would also be great sellers in North America as 2012 Crown Victoria/Town Car and probably even better in Europe as resurrected Scorpio where gas prices are the highest.Both LPG opitonal engined cars can actually benefit from the high gas prices!

    Here is what Ford should do for the 2014 model year:

    2 In 1 Ford-2014 Taurus And Falcon,Crown Victoria etc.

    To develope the 2014 Falcon,take the 2014 Taurus platform and place the Mustang drivetrain on it.That would help Ford reduce production cost, and to my understanding,improve interior space and fuel economy and safety standards.

    Ford has mentioned needing to update the Australian built Falcon for 2014 -for safety and fuel economy standards.Do that and make a left hand drive version as a Crown Victoria/Town Car.Take the 2014 Taurus platform and place a stretched Mustang drivetrain on it for the 2014 model Falcon,Crown Victoria/Town Car,possible ressurected Scorpio in Europe-probably easier than making the Focus Rs8 because of more room to work with.Make the front drive Taurus and rear drive cars with the same interior design-reduce production costs.Make interiors on Taurus and rear drive cars with great back seat legroom.Use the ecoboost 4 cylinder and duratech v6 in Taurus and rear drive cars and use coyote v8 as top line-including the Taurus if it will fit in engine bay.Make front and rear drive cars with distinct bodies from each other.Place front wheels on rear drive cars in front of engine to have at least 50% weight on back wheels for great winter traction.Make rear drive cars with optional 4wd.

    Because of the ONE FORD plan by Allan Mulally,use the Taurus platform,combine it with a stretched Mustang drivetrain for a full size rear drive version the same way the Focus RS8 was made.Like the Taurus,the Focus platform is front drive.The RS8 was made as a rear drive version of the Focus by placing the Mustang drivetrain-engine,transmission,driveshaft,and axle on the Focus platform.That is what gave me the idea of combining the front drive Taurus with a rear drive drivetrain which I describe as TWO IN ONE FORD.

  • chasynlyfe

    How to blow it Ford….. The U.S. engineers are just scared their garbage would get showed up by the boys from down under!!!!  Ford U.S., put the pipe down and bring us a dream!!!