Ford Marketing Boss Jim Farley says “F**k GM”

Ford Marketing Boss Jim Farley says “F**k GM”

Ford’s head of marketing came out today with a brash, succinct statement that strikes deep down into the core of humanity: “f**k GM.”

Jim Farley, shown above in a much calmer demeanor, launched this shot across the bow in an early copy of the book “Once Upon A Car,” by New York Times reporter Bill Vlasic. Farley was quoted as saying, “”We’re going to beat on them, and it’s going to be fun…f**k GM. I hate them and their company and what they stand for. And I hate the way they’re succeeding.”

The book details the derailing of the Big Three during the early months of the recession, which may serve to justify this sort of motivation: after all, corporate executives usually know better than to sprinkle their public statements with four-letter words. GM was quick to respond, with one spokesman replying, “we would not have expected such crass words coming from Ford.”

In the immortal words of Officer Marcus Burnett, Miami-Dade PD: “sh*t just got real.”

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  • Phil Goodfellow

    Is this a JOKE?? A bad one at that? Ford if you have a brain in your head you will fire this BOZO immediately and offer sincere apologies to GM and the rest of the automotive public. I’ve been a FORD guy for over 40 years but if this is the way FORD is going to conduct business in the future, I’ll trade in my F-150 and Mustang and sell my classic ’69. This is disgusting!

  • David O

    Phil you are an Idiot! People Who Love Fords should have been doing this for 3 years! Most have been! I used to all GM but the 6.5TD was the last straw. I’ve been owning Fords for 10 years now and I wish I would have switched brands sooner. All three of my Superduties have been fantastic. My GT500 is the Badass!!

  • JA

    If you think what you are about to do is ethical, ask yourself 2 questions…..
    1. If someone was looking over my shoulder would I make this same decision
    2. If it hit the front page of the news could I provide my boss with enough horsepower to support the decision….if you answer no to either of these, it is likely unethical what you are doing

    A statement like this has no merit and casts a negative perception of the business ethics at Ford- whether real or imaginary- and the black cloud that now surrounds his suborninates & co-execs……the image that this leaves on them as well & the disrespect for the organization as a whole. Potential customers will now question if they are involved with a business issue with Ford (such as a potential defect or warranty claim denial), will the attitude be the same…if so they will likely go elsewhere and it dangerously resembles the arrogant attitude and lack of professionalism we all saw in the late 70’s & 80’s of detroits executives (any many corporations who are no longer here today).

  • Jim Seavitt

    I know jim Farley and he is not mean or vindictive this was probably meant to be ” tongue in cheek” humor on his part and the reporter made it seem otherwise. Jim Seavitt president village ford Dearborn mi

  • Dave-o

    Dear clueless Phil:

    I think his point is f**k GM and their ‘success’ brought only by suckling at the government teat.

    GM and Chrysler would both be but a memory had they not taken our tax dollars to stay afloat.

  • Stevem

    So Farley expressed the sentiment of many, who would normally not be as vocal. Obama has given a failure, “Government Motors” , a distinct advantage in the market place at the expense of the tax payer. FORD made the difficult choices before, Obama totally ruined the economy, and FORD was able to survive without assistance. So as many would agree F*** GM. They should have been a Chinese company, by now, they deserved it, just like many other failures. At least the tax payers would not have been burdened with a failure.

  • bobby walter

    hmmm. i am sure this writing is taken out of context, and will read the original, i seen the partial passage posted and it seems like this artical is on target.

    “I emailed Vlasic to ask him about the passage and Farley’s quotes. His publisher is not allowing him to talk about the book until it’s published.

    —By: Phil LeBeau”

    i have to agree with firing this guy…..especially if those unfortunate guys that bought raptors get boinked by ford….bending frames on small bumps due to improper bump stoppage and spring rate is something that should blacken both eyes and bust the nose of ford.

    i am sure gm and dodge will capitalize on the situation now..:(

    i am a ford truck guy too…hard core and for good reason.