Ford Polling Facebook To Determine Focus Electric Car Sounds

Ford Polling Facebook To Determine Focus Electric Car Sounds

Ford is taking advantage of their Facebook page by asking their fans which of the four possible warning sounds that will be used in the upcoming Focus electric vehicle is their favorite.

All four sound clips are hosted on YouTube and feedback on their comments page will be used by Ford to help choose a sound. If you want to voice your opinion on what obnoxious sound you’ll be hearing from Ford’s Ford electric vehicle – as mandated by law – head on over to their page and put in your vote.

[Source: Ford Facebook via CNet]

  • Chad

    How about allowing the owner to choose their own sound?

  • fancypants9

    Recent studies have shown that facebook/myspace users have low self esteem and are narcissistic. Is this Ford’s target market for electric cars? Well ok.

    But the legally imposed mandate is directed towards the safety of the pedestrian-not the electric car owner.

    In order: Like C then A. Dislike B then D – both vehicle sounds seems like they need maintenance.


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