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 |  Jul 06 2011, 3:58 PM

England’s News of the World has come under fire for allegedly tapping into the voicemail of a missing 13-year old girl’s cell phone, disrupting her police investigation. And Ford has been quick to react—it has pulled all of its advertising from the British tabloid.

The newspaper is facing multiple lawsuits and a police investigation of its own, under charges that it accessed the girl’s voicemail and also deleted messages while police were looking for her. The girl was later found murdered, but the cell phone activity tricked police and family members into believing that she was still alive.

Ford is one of the major advertisers to withdraw support of the newspaper; other major companies such as Renault, Virgin, and T-Mobile are also being petitioned to pull their ad campaigns. The case raises questions of ethical standards for the newspaper, and Ford cutting off its advertising funds is a blow to the paper.

[Source: Left Lane News]