Ford Raptor Suffers Frame Bending Issues

Ford Raptor Suffers Frame Bending Issues

The mighty Ford Raptor is indestructible, right? Sadly, it only looks that way: owners are reporting a drastic frame bending problem that threatens to destroy their trucks—and in one case, Ford refuses to honor its warranty.

One owner on the Ford Raptor forums is reporting that a Ford engineer is citing his truck as voiding its warranty, because of scratches underneath and around the truck that suggest ample off-road hoonage. Problem is, the owner claims that these scratches—on the skid plate, underneath the bumper, and around the worn shocks—occurred during a low-speed 4×4 safety course, something sanctioned by Ford.

The Raptor’s frame is weak around where the cab meets the bed, where it must make room for bump stops. Taking the sort of off-road bump at speed, as the Raptor is advertised to handle, has forced the frame to bend sharply on at least 4 other trucks.

Ford could do right and accept these problems as a limitation of their engineering, thankful that these consumers have essentially done the research on the Raptor’s faults, integrate them into the next model, and fix the handful of Raptors that have become unhinged. But of course, any semblance of abuse on a high-performance vehicle is tantamount to warranty revoking—no matter how much the company brags about its capabilities. And Ford did brag, with the following quote coming directly from a company press release: “Even if the typical Ford customer will not be putting their truck through the punishing paces of the Baja 1000, the point is, they could.”

Look like the less on here is; don’t try this at home, consumers.

[Source: Ford Raptor Forums]