Galaxy Warrior Writes The Book On How To Ruin A Lamborghini Gallardo

Galaxy Warrior Writes The Book On How To Ruin A Lamborghini Gallardo

Look, you have to try awfully hard to make any exotic, let alone a Lamborghini Gallardo, look bad. But somehow Galaxy Warrior (what a name) did exactly that with what they consider a styling package for the Italian exotic. While the front bumper isn’t as awful thanks to its hints at Reventon-inspired styling, the atrocious rear bumper just absolutely ruins the Lambo. Gone is the sleek, sexy and exotic styling the Gallardo is known for and enter in something we would expect to see on a Honda Civic.

What’s even worse than the idea that two Gallardos sport this kit is the fact that its manufacturer, ATS Automotive, is asking over $16,000 for it. This will net you the Reventon-like front bumper, a pair of side skirts, the repulsive rear bumper, rear wing and a dual-tipped rear silencer. And surprisingly at the price, the kit is made from fiberglass using temperature-resistant resins and comes unpainted.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come flying off the shelves.

GALLERY: Galaxy Warrior Lamborghini Gallardo

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[Source: Carscoop]

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    Worst. Gallardo. Ever.