General Motors Rejoins World’s 20 Largest Corporations List

General Motors Rejoins World’s 20 Largest Corporations List

Albeit just barely. After having languished in the number 38 spot since 2010, thanks to corporate earnings, the General was able to beat out Bank of America Corp, by some $1.4 million in profit to secure its place once again on the Top 20 World’s Largest Corporations list.

However, despite the news, there are those that say GM still has a long way to go to regain its former prominence. As for other automakers, the General’s cross-town rival, Ford Motor Company is ranked number 25 on the list, down two places from last year.

By contrast, Japanese juggernaut Toyota is ranked number 9 on the same list, also making it the top automaker, according to Fortune Magazine. Volkswagen is the only other automaker int he Top 20, placing 13th overall.

As for the top spot? It belongs to none other than Walmart, which raked in revenue of some $421.85 million. For a full rundown of the top 20 list, click on the link below:

[Source: CNN Money]


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