Gran Turismo S Superior Black Edition is One Murdered Out Maserati

Gran Turismo S Superior Black Edition is One Murdered Out Maserati

Anderson Germany’s newest creation is a menacing, flat black Maserati Gran Turismo S that they’ve dubbed the Superior Black Edition. The only parts remaining on this Gran Turismo S that aren’t matte are the window frames, grille and rear logo. And they’re all gloss back.

The dark theme continues with a tinted shade on the headlights and taillights. Plus, to complement the matte black Anderson Germany outfitted the Gran Turismo S with a new hood and a selection of carbon fiber components – the mirrors, tailgate, roof ledges, left and right air inlets are all in carbon.

To finish off the exterior modifications, Anderson Germany also equips the Maserati with subtle front and rear aprons while 21-inch wheels adorn all four corners. The car was then lowered to give it the proper stance it needs to match the rest of the package. Horsepower has been increased to a respectable 492-hp, up from the factory 440-hp, thanks to a new exhaust system with racing catalytic converters and an ECU retune. There is also a weight savings of about 29-lbs from the new exhaust.

The interior receives plenty of carbon fiber accents while in car electronics has been decked out with plenty of monitors and a Playstation3. Reupholstery consists of black carbon leather and Alcantara, contrasted with red stitching.

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  • Jason

    Absolutely love it!

  • mike rotch

    This cars a piece of shit.

  • Andrew Butler

    Im sure you can’t afford it.