Is the Land Rover Defender Dead?

Is the Land Rover Defender Dead?

Not yet, but it might be, says the company’s boss Colin Green, as he looks at possible future scenarios for the iconic off-roader. Although it hasn’t been sold here officially for many years, the Defender remains popular in other parts of the world, particularly with farmers, rescue workers and utilities, as well as the British military.

However, with ever tightening emission requirements and a need to broaden market appeal, Green says the current Defender will be a tough act to follow. “If we get it wrong we are messing up one of the industry’s biggest icons, and in that sense it’s a tremendous responsibility.”

As a result, the company is weighing in the possibility of discontinuing it’s most legendary product. “It’s our least preferred choice,” says Green, “because we have serviced that customer base for a long time, but there’s no point in servicing the customer and not the business. We have to make money.”

Other options currently being discussed include an update of the current model using Euro VI engines, or introducing a re-designed version with broader appeal, likely based on the LR4 chassis.

[Source: Auto Express]