Jiffy Lube App Puts Car Care at Your Fingertips

Jiffy Lube App Puts Car Care at Your Fingertips

We’ve all been there – standing in front of a parking lot attendant, trying to remember our license plate number, but for whatever reason, we just can’t think of what it is. Or being stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery, not sure what to do next. When these headaches happen, just use the Jiffy Lube app to get you out of that sticky situation.

The new Jiffy Lube iPhone app lets you store and organize vital vehicle information, and offers tips such as  how to jump a dead battery, what to do if your car overheats and where you can find the nearest Jiffy Lube location.

This free app comes with a few features that will come in handy. The My Info feature lets you organize your vehicle information and gives you tips on how to jump start a dead battery or deal with an overheated car. It also offers reminders for your next oil change and inspection information.

It hard to remember things like preventive maintenance, so the “My Garage” feature takes care of it for you. You’ll get tips and basic information, and it puts you in touch with your maintenance schedule.

When it’s time to get your oil changed, the Quick Call feature puts you in touch with the nearest Jiffy Lube, from wherever you are. It will also let you know what services are performed at particular locations, if there are any coupons available and the ability to share coupons on Facebook and Twitter networks.

You can download the Jiffy Lube app for free at the iTunes Store.