Jon Olsson’s Rebellion R1k Becomes Red Bull Edition, Production On The Way?

Jon Olsson’s Rebellion R1k Becomes Red Bull Edition, Production On The Way?

Jon Olsson’s Ultima GTR-based Rebellion R1k made our jaw drop when it was first debuted, sporting 800-hp and exotic car styling and a tone that rivals even Italian’s finest exotics. Now it looks that Olsson’s version of an ultimate sports car has hit the streets as the Rebellion R1k Red Bull edition but it may not be as perfect as Olsson wants. As of right now, he’s not pleased with the powerplant of the car because it’s not running as smoothly as he wants and is possibly considering swapping it out for something else.

The crazier news out of all this is that Olsson may potentially turn the Rebellion R1k into a very limited production run. Not surprisingly, after his debut video hit the Internet, Olsson got enough requests from people to have one built that he’s considering a super car company based on his Rebellion supercar. In fact, he claims that there are people willing to place orders before the vehicle is even finished (in Olsson’s eyes) and we can’t even imagine what might happen now that it has hit the streets in Sweden.

Obviously no confirmations have been made by Olsson, since he still wants to finalize his own supercar before even considering manufacturing or duplicating the efforts. He wants to test it around Europe, “eat a few Ferraris for lunch”, and make sure it works the way he wants it to before considering any other crazy ideas, like producing and selling Rebellion supercars.

Oh and by the way, Olsson’s cost on his Rebellion is over $315,000 – so if you’re interested, better start saving.

GALLERY: Rebellion R1k Red Bull Edition

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