Judge Throws Out Ford Verdict On Sudden Acceleration

Judge Throws Out Ford Verdict On Sudden Acceleration

Ford concealed documents pertaining to a case it won in 2010, according to a Florida judge who has thrown out its verdict.

In 2003, two people were injured in a 1991 Aerostar that suddenly accelerated into a telephone pole, seriously injuring them. The case went to court in 2010, and during the trial Ford argued that it was simply a driver error (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?) that caused the minivan to crash. The jury voted in Ford’s favor.

But according to the plaintiff’s lawyer, Ford withheld documents from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that suggested the cruise control system, not the driver’s foot, did cause and was capable of causing sudden acceleration. Judge William T. Swigert handed the victory to the plaintiffs after he found out, stating that “had Ford disclosed them, the government would have discovered years ago that electronic failures of the cruise control system is a cause of sudden acceleration.”

Unsurprisingly, Ford disagrees. They plan to appeal the case.

[Source: New York Times]

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    interesting article because we had a 1984 jaguar XJS and when driving the interstate to Atlanta one day, the cruise control just took over the car and kept speeding. So i shut the car down, opened the hood and disconnected the cruise control. Problem fixed. And i have never heard of a recall from Jaguar.