Kate Middleton’s 2001 VW Golf For Sale On eBay

Kate Middleton’s 2001 VW Golf For Sale On eBay

You couldn’t ask for a better time to sell Kate Middleton’s car than right now, just after her royal wedding. The current owner of the indigo blue, three-door 2001 Volkswagen Golf, Sonny Brazil, who lives close to the Middleton’s home in Berkshire, England is auctioning off the car via Ebay. Brazil, 21, bought the car for $2,300 (£1,400) in 2009 after Kate, 29, gave the Golf to her brother James.

The car currently has 62,000 miles on the odometer of which Middleton put on 60,000. Kate had the mirror replaced in 2003 and one of the front headlights fixed in 2006. According to an auction house in Dorset, England, the VW is valued at an estimated $48,000, with the starting bid set at $32,000. Along with the car, Brazil will include a pair of sterling silver cufflinks he found inside the car. “They might have been William’s or they could have belonged to James,” he says. “It’s amazing to think I only paid about £1,400 for the car,” Brazil said. “And now it’s worth far more than that.”

[Source: People]


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