Kelleners Sport 410-hp BMW 1M

Kelleners Sport 410-hp BMW 1M

If you thought the BMW 1M was fast you haven’t seen anything yet. Germany’s Kelleners Sport has dubbed their high performance 1M, the KS1-S. The German company boosted the power from the stock 340-hp to 410-hp  achieving this by lowering the weight to power ratio and improving air flow, and adding choice modifications like an exhaust system and revised front grille.

The KS1-S also features adjustable coil-overs and a custom aerodynamic body that gives the best down force possible cutting down on wind resistance. The BMW is also fitted with a spoiler and steel front grille inserts. Racing stripes also add to the exterior look.

On the inside, a mix of black and white leather with Alcantara covering the seats, dash and door panels. There is also contrast stitching, aluminium pedals, and an upgraded steering wheel finish the look.

The KS1-1 sits on super light weight 9 x 20’s in the front and 10 x 20’s in the rear wrapped in high performance tires.

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[Source: egm car tech]

  • Launceston

    Yes, Yes, Yes, I had the unlimited 1991 850i. I took my foot out of the gas at 186mph for fear of my life on a sruohetn Interstate. She was ready to go faster but I didn’t have the heart. I raced a NSX on a different interstate. He couldn’t leave me. And when I decided to leave him, I saw him beat his steering wheel mercilessly in my rear view mirror. I have taken a 8 cylinder Porsche to its max. It just didn’t have enough to out run the 850. I now take care of a 1993ci. She is equiped with the Dinan performance chips for engine and transmission. I doubt I will ever see those speeds again here on the west coast. But, to know I can is just lovely. I have fallen in Love and we shall never part !!!