Lamborghini Sues Las Vegas Dealer For Using Its Logo

Lamborghini Sues Las Vegas Dealer For Using Its Logo
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Lamborghini and Las Vegas go hand-in-hand like brothels and bad decisions. But what happens when the two kings of subtlety face each other?

Dal Toro Exotic Car Showroom is under pressure to change its logo, which currently resembles a bull that is in a state of rage. The lawsuit against Dal Toro not only claims infringement on the logo, but also the bootleg merchandise they are selling from their Palazzo resort showroom and restaurant.

Always an expert on brashness, Lamborghini claims that the defendant “brashly…displays a large and striking Lamborghini bull-in-shield protected design mark at the entrance of defendants’ premises and a Lamborghini protected type mark within defendants’ exotic car showroom.”

Lorenzo Barracco, a manager at Dal Toro and totally not a mob enforcer whatsoever, claims that he is unaware of the lawsuit.

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