Lexus CX300h Planned as Down-Sized RX Luxury Crossover

Lexus CX300h Planned as Down-Sized RX Luxury Crossover

Toyota has plans to introduce six new hybrids to their lineup by 2012. One of them is likely a smaller luxury SUV for Lexus, with the company’s tried-and-tested hybrid drivetrain.

The SUV would be dubbed the CX300h, in Lexus naming nomenclature, and would bank off the success of the larger RX. It would probably share a platform with the RAV4, which currently doesn’t have a hybrid powertrain, but given Toyota’s predilection for jamming hybrids in everything from LS luxobarges to bagel toasters, a hybrid RAV4 might follow suit.

The CX300h would compete against the Audi Q3, BMW X1, Mercedes GLK, and the Infiniti EX for cute-ute market share. And in order to compete, the Lexus SUV would feature the 2.5-liter four-cylinder shared in the HS250h bolted to the electric motor. It would certainly give Lexus some credibility in the rapidly-growing luxury compact SUV segment.

[Source: AutoBild via Green Car Reports]

  • will huang

    Found a mistake. The hs250h uses the 2az-fxe which is the camry hybrid drivetrain. Just had one pass through the Toyota dealer I work at. I’m a tech there, I was also surprised the see the 2.4 in there.