Lotus Police Cars: A History in Pictures

Lotus Police Cars: A History in Pictures

There’s something inherently attractive about dressing a car up in police livery and gear. If doesn’t matter if its a VW Beetle or a Lamborghini Gallardo, a vehicle’s “cool factor” goes up several notches as soon as we think the men and women in blue might actually be using it to fight crime.

And while some cars could really use all the help they can get in attaining envy-worthy status, some don’t. Included in the latter list is anything from British sports car maker Lotus. Still, strapping a light bar and some graphics onto one of these light-weight wonders only raises its proverbial amp to 11.

So when Lotus released a selection of its police-liveried two-door cruisers, ranging from the modern to the nostalgic, we just had to share.

GALLERY: Lotus Police Cars

Lotus Police Car.jpgLotus Police Car 03.jpgLotus Police Car 02.jpgLotus Evora Police Car.jpgLotus Esprit Polie Car.jpgLotus Esprit Police Car Back.jpg