Lowrider Car Show Errupts In Shooting, 12 People Wounded [Video]

Lowrider Car Show Errupts In Shooting, 12 People Wounded [Video]

A lowrider event hosted by the La Raza car community in Kent, Washington, erupted in gunfire on Saturday, as a fight broke out between unnamed individuals, ending with at least 12 people suffering from gunshot wounds. Nine people ranging from age 14-32 were taken to Harborview Medical Center with injuries to their arms, legs, feet and torso.

Police have not made any arrests yet, but said that multiple suspects are currently being investigated. The violence was likely gang-related, with the shootings possibly stemming from an argument over a lowrider’s paint job. Police were unsure how many shooters were present.

Overall, there were around 250 people in attendance and over 50 cars on display at the show when the shooting occured. None of the wounded have life-threatening injuries.

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[Source: The Seattle Times]

  • Ray

    “shootings possibly stemming from an argument over a lowrider’s paint job”
    Wow, when will people learn how to deal with things in a civilized manner.

    No doubt in my mind this was gang related.

  • Timothy M. Dixon

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  • pootie power

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  • tommy

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