Mansory Builds Matte Red Ferrari 599 Stallone For Enthusiast

Mansory Builds Matte Red Ferrari 599 Stallone For Enthusiast

Ferrari Red is an unmistakable, timeless shade that even the youngest car enthusiasts can recognize from a mile away. But who would have ever thought this many decades later that a matte red Ferrari would look so stunning? An enthusiast on the Teamspeed forum fell in love with Mansory’s Ferrari 599 Stallone package and took it upon himself to drop his black 599 off to Mansory to get the same treatment, but with a twist.

The twist obviously being that the Ferrari received a full matte red wrap along with the Stallone conversion. Even though Mansory styling and products aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, we love the way this finished product looks. It also sports a set of 20×9-inch wheels up front while the rear gets a nice 21×11.5-inch fitment. For performance, the owner opted to have a new exhaust with high-flow cats installed, ECU retuning and of course, new suspension to give the 599 a fitting stance with the wheels.

Lastly, the interior got some Alcantara goodies along with leather, carbon fiber and Mansory branding to show off to the world.

GALLERY: Mansory Matte Red Ferrari 599 Stallone

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[Source: Teamspeed]