McLaren To ‘Tweak’ MP4-12C Following Criticism

McLaren To ‘Tweak’ MP4-12C Following Criticism

Since it was launched, the McLaren MP4-12C has been criticized for lacking the emotional appeal of rivals such as the Ferrari 458, particularly when it comes to such aspects like exhaust note and the ‘thrill’ of acceleration.

As a result, the Woking based company has been hard at work instigating a few changes on the mid-engined machine, alterations that, according to an official statement from the company , were already in the planning stages, though the criticism has hastened their introduction.

Most of the tweaks revolve around the 12C’s Intake Sound Generator which incorporates a butterfly valve, to regulate the amount of noise entering the cabin. In track mode, said valve will now open wider, allowing drivers to experience more of the car’s V8 exhaust signature.

“It was a bit too sensible before,” declared a spokesman for McLaren. “You won’t notice the changes in normal mode, just when you’re having fun and really pushing it.”

[Source: Autocar]