MEC Design Mercedes CLS: More Murdered-Out Than Darth Vader’s Mask

MEC Design Mercedes CLS: More Murdered-Out Than Darth Vader’s Mask

Sure there’s the NEW Mercedes CLS, but let’s not forget about the car that started it all. Without the original we probably wouldn’t have the Panamera, or the A7, or the half-dozen other coupe-style luxury sedans that are rumored to roll out over the next few years.

So as everyone in Orange Country trades in their OMG-thats-so-last-year CLS, the aftermarket continues to churn out some wildly modified versions of the original. Included in that list is MEC Design, which has just unveiled its new styling package for the W219 CLS body, and it’s looking menacing.

Aside from the full matte black wrap, MEC Design has outfitted its CLS with a body kit titled “2Face”. The kit comes with a new front bumper (which includes LED lights), a rear bumper with a carbon fiber “Extreme” diffuser, side skirts with LED lamps, a three-piece trunklid spoiler and a rear window spoiler.

To complement the kit, MEC equipped the CLS with a set of 20-inch mecxtremeIII wheels in a flat black finish. The CLS also receives a lowering module, giving it a more aggressive stance while a stainless exhaust system gives it an all new note – a note that MEC calls “sound version Apocalypse”. Finishing off the exterior modifications are MEC Design’s 2010 grill and LED mirrors covers.

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